Cumberland  Warden in 1941. Photo curtesy of 25¢ vending machine inside J J Newberry's.
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Declaration of Independence
This document, while not law, says the creator gave men their rights, and says that those men may establish a government to protect those rights. The US Constitution, linked below, is the Founders' attempt at preserving those rights. This also is why it is said that our government is founded upon religious principles.

Cover Letter for above.
Signed by John Hancock on July 6, 1776.

Comments on the Declaration of Independence
This establishes the origin of our rights and the primary purpose of the US Constitution—to protect those rights!

What happened to the 56 Signers?

The United States Constitution
Its only purpose is to form a government to protect the rights of the people. So, when some suggest that it is now old fashioned, ask them which rights they believe are no longer needed!

The Bill of Rights
The first ten amendments to the US Constitution.

Amendments XI through XXVII
The remainder of the Amendments.

Comments on the Constitution
Some claim it is a living instrument.

Comments on Rights
"We the People" have all the rights.

The True State of Our Union
What no modern day president will report.
by Cumberland Warden

Republic vs. Democracy
The difference is whether or not our Government can survive.
What about Humanism?
or Socialism?

Are We Still a Constitutional Republic?

What's Wrong with the United States?

What is a Democracy?

The Changes Necessary

Comments on the Right to Bear Arms

Gun Rights
are the primary rights that guarantee the remaining rights.

Historical facts on the Right to Bear Arms

Quotes Regarding Right to Bear Arms

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Fine Art Cubby's PageFreedom DocumentsThreatsRealityPoliSciHumor
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