Football 1951-52

Abraham Lincoln High School, Los Angeles 90031


Row 1: R. Wilkins, M. Padilla, J. Blackwater, T. Olguin, C. Gagliano, J. Espino, E. Martinez, J. Pacheco, T. Salazar, H. Segura, J. Aguilar, F. Buccola, J. Fata, F. Ramos, A. Pena, H. Ramirez, V. Gonzales, F. Costello, J. Ott, G. Giancanelli, R. Pierson, H. Lewis
Row 2: G. Ayala, C. Franklin, G. Ramirez, J. Salgado, G. Meneses, W. Molina, F. Sole, E. Pacheco, J. Contreras, J. Vargas, J. McGuire, R. Rodriguez, P. Juarez, R. Distifano, H. Casino, J. Rubio, Coach Calderone


Frank Buccola receives the coveted "Kenny Washington Cup" from Kenny Washington at the Honors and Awards Assembly.

Giancanelli skirts right end.
Tigers roar and upset Polly.

COACH TED CALDERONE took over Varsity Football in 1952. Coach Calderone, a veteran of World War II, is a graduate of Occidental College. He played football at Occidental and was quarter-back for the Occidental team that played the New Year's Raisen Bowl game at Fresno in 1950.


Row 1: J. Matteo, J. Pomo, J. Padilla, R. Young, A. Doi, A. Bva, D. King, r. Hernandez, A. Jiminez, G. Salvatore, A. Anchona, J. Latona, C. Palk, T. Derri, E. Damiani, P. Varquez, L. Baker, D. Alvarez, R. Aragon
Row 2: Coach Jack Boyd, A. Sandoval, J. Archalena, V. Martinez, C. Fata, A. Garcia, S. Martinez, B. Padilla, G. Flores, H. Costello, R. Salgado, N. Valesco, A. Cerneka, V. Gargano, R. Clark, S. Jung, N. Domo, A. Carrillo, A. Wong, A. Flores, R. Aguayo, J. Salias


COACH JACK BOYD coached the "B" football team in 1951-52. Coach Boyd is a graduate of North Hollywood High and UCLA. While at UCLA he played three years of football and completed three years in track.


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