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The Purpose of this website is to provide all possible information about the Classes of 1952, and provide a place for all Lincoln High Alumni to keep in touch with each other. I may be reached at:

I was a Cavalier. My maiden name was Maria R. Lechuga. Click for a brief biography of me. Or click for some 1952 pictures of me. You can even find out how I met my husband of over 62 years in the Lincoln High auditorium on "Hello Day."

All information on 42 pages and over 500 photos currently on the site have been provided by me. I have no contact with any other 1952 Classmates. I hope that if you are a member of Class of 1952 or have any information about one you will please contact me. If you have any pictures or information to share, I will be happy to put them up on this website.

Here are some snapshots (1951) taken the day after graduation of the Summer 1951 Class in front of Lincoln High School. The graduates came back to get their diplomas.

Here are some snapshots taken in June 1952 in front of Lincoln at the time of the Summer 1952 Class graduation.

Here are over 500 photos from the 1952 Lincolnian, our class year book. It includes the names and pictures of all our class, faculty, and events.

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