Biography Maria R. Lechuga, Alumnus 1952

Abraham Lincoln High School, Los Angeles 90031


My tenth grade sweetheart, Cubby, dropped out of school to join the Air Force. He came back on leave and we married on March 16, 1952. I stayed in school to graduate with my Class. Then I flew out to Florida to join him at MacDill AFB, Florida. After two years we left the Air Force. Then We lived two years in Los Angeles and four years in San Francisco where our Son, James, was born. Then Cubby joined the Army. That took us to Fort Sill, Oklahoma; Fort Eustice, Virginia; Vicenza, Italy; Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Hanau, Germany; and Sacramento, California. Cubby Retired in 1976. We then lived a year in Vista, California, and we have been living in Oceanside, California ever since.

After our three years in Italy, I cried when we had to leave. That was the most wonderful three years we ever spent. That is where our Daughter, Christina, was born. Even though that was fifty years ago, I am still in contact with friends there. We lived “on the economy” there which means we were out in the Italian populace where no one spoke English. Italian became my third language.

Cubby is still my sweetheart. We have been married 62 Years.

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