Reserve Officers' Training Corps in 1952

Abraham Lincoln High School, Los Angeles 90031


SGT Peter Sereseres, SFC Edward Lennon, SFC Timothy Lennon, PFC Robert Moreno


Active duty soldiers.


These are the student cadets.

LTC Joe Moreno, MAJ Frank Ramos, CPT Joe Averna, CPT Budford Smoll, MSG Frank Huizar, MSG Albert Ayala, SSG Charles Campa


J. Hirata, A. Host, H. Valencia, O. Corral
Roster: J. Alarcon, R. Alexander, J. Alvarez, R. Aparicio, P. Arriola, J. Bahnimptewa, R. Carlos, RidingT. Hanna, J. Micheli, W. Maiden, B. Barron, D. Bautista, G. Teran, T. Bonilla, N. Bowen, E. Hernandez, A. Bustamente, J. Jordt, R. Ales, J. Riding, R. Serna, F. Bacio, L. Campean, R. Cardona, T. Caruso, A. Lopez, L. Cleaver, A. Collaro, T. Cortez, T. Contreras, K. Price, R. Contreras, J. Ray, A. De Bivion, A. Devito, G. Duarte, F. Esquivel, C. Larkin, V. Fierri, W. Crockrum, D. Flores, R. Shannon, P. Miralei, J. Flores, R. Wilkins, J. Proio, R. Lopez, R. McKeehan, R. Macias, R. Madrid, D. Maldonado, M. Mancillas, J. Martinez, R. Martinez, S. Martinez, R. Marquez, R. Mata, F. Mendoza, M. Meraz


E. Sharkey, R. Gutierrez, J. Hales, J. Spallino
Roster: A. Aguilar, J. Alvarez, E. Amezquita, T. Araujo, Cesario, R. Aguayo, T. Barbata, M. Basurto, R. Bernal, E. Gutierrez, B. Brio, A. Camarena, D. Carmona, K. Chuck, D. Contreras, P. Davis, R. Delgado, R. Diaz, M. Esquivel, J. Felix, R. Fleming, J. Flores, T. Frias, A. Fry, R. Flores, G. Cuilty, A. Gallegos, H. Gallego, J. Garcia, A. Grant, L. Hardy, L. Garcia, R. Garcia, R. Garcia, Raul Parra, A. Gonzales, J. Gonzales, L. Grant, J. Salias, A. Grigalia, M. Guerrero, F. Hernandez, M. Hernandez, R. Hernandez, D. Herrera, M. Ibarra, J. Jenkins, P. Gays,R. Klasek, E. Lawrence, Ed. Wilkins, R. Lopez, J. Holguin, T. Noble, C. Campa, G. Moreno, P. Orona, J. Ott, E. Palacios, R. Perez, G. Petis, R. Pulcifer, R. Ramirez, M. Rivera, J. Samaniego, A. Sunda, A. Valverde

Its main function is to perform at ceremonial parades.

Row 1: PFC Don Frische, PFC Frank Menjivar, 2LT Art Flores, SGT Emanuel Sanzo, CPL Mike Rodriguez, PFC Robert Lopez
Row 2: CPL Phil Hunter, CPT Gene Dasaro, PVT Ernest Chacon, CPL Allan Laurence, SGT Raymond Mejia, SGT Rudy Padilla, MSG Eldon Diltz
Row 3: PVT John Negrete, SGT Mike Pagone, PVT Benny Lomando, PFC Manuel Villalobos, PVT Robert Cuilty, CPL Robert Wolfson, CPL Ignacio Alva


Its members are the best marksmen in the battalion. It fires in competition against other schools in the city and national matches.

LTC Joe Moreno, PVT Manuel Villalobes, SGT Ralph Gutierrez, CPT Joe Averna, 2LT Jim Hales, CPT John Hirata

The ROTC is administered by the school and the US Army. The ROTC unit trains its members in good citizenship and gives them the benefit of the training in the event they join or are called to the armed services. The training and drill teaches coordination of the mind and body and is a strong teacher of discipline while emphasizing courtesy to others. The members receive training in the basic aspects of numerous military weapons. Military science is offered to those students who are capable and willing to take more advanced training.


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