Yearbook Staff 1952

Abraham Lincoln High School, Los Angeles 90031


The Annual Staff composed of twenty members, is responsible for the 1952 Annual (Yearbook), which is called the 1952 Lincolnian.

Row 1: Velia Robles, Joan Bevinetto, Pauline Smaldino, Mary Perez, Anna Buccola, Maria Lechuga, Joanne Vaiana
Row 2: Dorothy Stanton, Julie Bernal, Alice Lopez, Catherine Smith, Dolores Cianci, Margaret Bernal, Emma Pedroza
Row 3: Bill Henning, Manuel Villalobos, Tito Huerta, John Hirata, Ralph Garcia


This is the group that publishes our "Railsplitter" every two weeks, and printed our Annual.

Row 1: Alfred Perez, John Hirata, Ray Perez, Eli Moreno, Xavier Flores
Row 2: Ralph Garcia, Earl Sharkey, Fred Garcia, Cornelius Washington, Tony Noble, Roger Young
Row 3: Orlando Corral, Sinclair Marshaw, Jim Spallino, Mr. Hal Ulery


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