Meaningful Election Reform

By Cumberland A. Warden


Have you noticed that whenever politicians complete an election reform you need a Philadelphia lawyer to figure what it means? That is not by accident. The makers of such laws take away the rights of some and make it legal for others to buy influence. And always the union workers have to pay for the influence the union bosses want. These funds are taken without permission, against their will, and against case law. The members are not even allowed an accounting of how much money is stolen from them. The politicians who receive this money are aware of this, but still, gleefully accept the bribes. This is crucial support for the Democratic party.

True election reform is really quite simple. You just have to really want to reform it.

First, you allow only voters to contribute to anyone's campaign. Any voter may contribute any amount to the candidate of his/her choice. If the amount exceeds some reasonable amount (say $2,000) then require a record of who made the contribution. If you can't vote you can't give a dime, and you can't spend money to put out any message supporting any candidate through advertising. This violates no ones freedom of speech because businesses have no rights except those given to them by our government. Foreigners have no business participating in any way with our elections. Only voters should have any influence on our government.

Second, any voter who contributes to more than one person for the same office should be prosecuted for trying to buy influence.

Third, all money collected by a dues collecting group must be required to have a separate political fund containing only voluntary contributions of its members. This is to ensure that individual members of organizations like the AARP, ARA or labor unions really do support the chosen political campaign. If the group's purpose is to support a political campaign like a county Democratic Party, it could collect donations from voters only.

Fourth, all such records of contributions should be made public.

See how easy that was?



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Updated 11/30/2014