Money, Politics & Global Warming

by: Fred Schnaubelt

Global Warming is one the greatest hoaxes since the Cardiff Giant and Piltdown Man.

Fact: for thousands of years the climate has always been warming or cooling, ice has always been melting or accumulating, and oceans rising or falling. Fact: sea levels are already 400 feet higher than during the last Ice Age. Fact: change is life. This is the only true consensus, even so, Galileo proved that a consensus can be irrelevant. Creating hysteria over a 1,000 year trend unnoticed by most people requires an abnormally inventive politician such as Al Gore.

That global warming is taking place is not questioned. It is self-evident the earth has been warming since the last Ice Age. The real question is whether a bunch of puny people on earth can effect climate change absent thousands of atomic bombs going off. Consider: An individual bolt of lightning can pack several hundred million volts, one trillion watts, briefly burning up more electrical power than is being used in the entire United States" (The Physics Fact Book). Additionally, The entire human race used less energy in 1990 than 20% of the power of one hurricane (1993 World Almanac).

That humans are a more likely cause of climatic patterns than the periodic 11-year sunspot cycle or volcanic eruptions such as Mt. Pinatubo is hotly debated by experts in their fields. This one volcano purportedly spewed out more environmental pollution than man has since the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

Solar flares, the mostly likely cause of global warming, after traveling 93,000,000 miles from the sun can alter cloud formations, interfere with radio transmissions and even cause power outages on earth. Sunspots, also causing global warming on Mars, not SUVs, is currently the most likely scientific explanation for global warming. Since 1997, the Global Surveyor satellite has been orbiting the red planet documenting an annual 10-foot erosion in the snow cap at the South Pole (Houston Chronicle).

Follow the money: The federal government spends $5 billion a year on global warming research. $5 billion buys a lot of words cloaked in scientific jargon—jargon without the science is politics. Some of the most widely quoted Summaries of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have not been written by scientists, but government employees.

—Fred Schnaubelt, Former San Diego City Councilman



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