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In the 1920s we learned that Prohibition did not work. The war on drugs is not working for the same reasons magnified. When are we going to learn this lesson?
...to preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them....   —James Madison
The largest transfer of power from the government back to the people in the past 100 years would be enacting the Fair Tax.
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The American Socialist Agenda

How to Create a Social State
It's Happening Today in the U.S.

It Didn't Happen Overnight

The Fallacy of Redistribution
by Thomas Sowell Sep 20, 2012

Creep of Socialism
Socialists/Communists Call themselves "Progressive."

6 Trillion
The history of the 20th century is full of examples of countries that set out to redistribute wealth and ended up redistributing poverty.

The Democratic Party

The Day the Democrats Took Over!
The 110th Congress Started January 3, 2007

2012 Voter Fraud
The Numbers Are Now Talking

DNC banned church gift baskets
Because, the churches hold pro-life values.

The Architect of Destruction
Barack Obama is the Architect of the decline of America, and the epitome of a Demagogue.

Prisoner Swapping
Not only is this President clueless, he's dumber than a box of rocks.

Obama, the "amazing" job he is doing.
One 82-year-old lady loves Obama.

Obama, the Ventriloquist's Dummy
by Alan Caruba, Wall Street Journal

Obama, his list of accomplishments!
Who said he hasn't done anything?

Obama, most Unbelievable President!
Wanted vets to pay for their own war injuries!

The Democrats Promise
"A new direction for America ???"

The Lawyers' Party
The Democratic Party has become the Lawyers Party.

Fair Tax
The greatest transfer of power from the government back to the people is the Fair Tax.

Former FBI Special Agent K. Dee McCown wrote an open letter to Eric Holder. The response has been epic.

THE NEW POPE - quite a man of principle
Interviewed by Chris Mathews who couldn't handle it, and terminated it. It never aired.

Thomas Jefferson
A voice from the past to lead us in the future.

Lesson Learned from Wounded Knee
297 people were murdered by federal agents who had come to confiscate their firearms.

The largest failure in education has occurred since the creation of the Department of Education.

Politics For Dummies:

Politics for Dummies

Politics for Dummies II

Free Enterprise in three parts:
Capitalism is the only system in history where wealth is obtained not by conquest, looting or force, but by production and voluntary exchange.

1. Limited Government

2. The Market Economy

3. Private Property

The Fair Tax would abolish the IRS and save hundreds of billions of dollars now being spent by government, private industry, and individuals just for compliance.

The Liberal Media

Why is the Media So Unhappy with USA?
Discontentment in the minds of 69 percent of Americans is caused by the media.

Responsible Reporting
and the New York Times.

General Howley Speech
Comments on the liberal spin on the terrorists and the Iraq war.

The Media in Iraq
Through their incomplete, uninformed and unbalanced reporting, many members of the media covering the war in Iraq are aiding and abetting the enemy.

If current immigration laws don't work, then how did we get our newest groups of legal immigrants?


Davy Crockett on Welfare
Congress has no right to give charity

Election Reform
by Cumberland Warden

Who did this to us?
Charlie Reese tells it like it is.

Australian Gun Control
Australian politicians are at a loss to explain why public safety has decreased, after successfully ridding Australian society of guns.

Money, Politics & Global Warming
One of the greatest hoaxes since the Cardiff Giant and Piltdown Man.

Only three percent of Black births were illegitimate in 1940. Less than any other group. In 2013 it was 71%. (Abortion numbers are unknown.)

Helms Rebukes the United Nations.
The Senater tells it like it is. There was no applause; the UN Security Council was silent when he finished.

World Opinion is worthless.
By Dennis Prager

There's More than One Use for an Aircraft Carrier!

If all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have inflation and high taxes?

What foreigners have to say about us.

Ode To America
a Romanian Newspaper editorial about 9-11.

Canadian Praise.
A Canadian Newspaper editorial said good things about the United States.

The United Nations' head of humanitarian relief, Jan Egeland, criticized the US for being stingy.

Voting in Iraq.

The Vote in Sadr City Iraq.
"I saw the best the human spirit has to offer."

Voting in Iraq by Tony Parkinson,
The Age, February 22, 2005

Sell Art Online
Gun Control is a prerequisite of Genicide.

Rights do not come from the Constitution. The Constitution prohibits the government from tampering with those rights granted by the Creator, and establishes a government to guarantee those rights. space
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